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Last year’s retreat was one of our best with one of the top men’s speakers, Dr. Chuck Stecker. Dr. Chuck challenged our men “Not to Pass Our Batons-But Take Them Back!” by continuing to lead our churches and encourage our younger men to be obedient to our Lord intentionally in His service. Our men were so enthused and excited that we want to reach more for our retreat this year. We want to reach our millennials!
This year’s retreat on July 26, 27 & 28, 2019 will bring Rev. Michael Kelley from Life Way Resources, Nashville, TN. Michael goes all over our country as a well-known conference and retreat speaker. His three message series is entitled: “The Ordinary and The Extraordinary” and will challenge our men and young men in the area of their relationships, their family, and their work.
ABMen are so excited about what we provide to not only our Baptists, but to people of all faiths, and even to those who are not sure of their faith. So…..we are hosting rallies in different sections of our state during March and April to encourage us to reach out to all and to explain any questions about the retreat.
ABMen Rallies
Northeast - Saturday, March 9, 11 AM -1 PM
1st Baptist, 3235 Linden St., Bethlehem, PA
Central - Saturday, March 16, 11AM - 1 PM
1st Baptist, 316 Golf Course Rd. Milton, PA
West - Friday, March 29, Dinner Mtg.
1st Baptist-159 N. Bellefield Ave.Pittsburgh
Saturday, March 30, Morning time (TBA)
WWJD Christian Center, 313 Jennings Ave.
 Waynesburg, PA   
Southeast - Saturday, April 13, 11AM - 1PM
Parkesburg Point Youth Center, 700 Main St., Parkesburg, PA
 (Questions - Ask Pastor Bob Coats)  [email protected]
Attached is the Retreat info.
Please let me know if you can come
to one of our rallies. Please make every effort to come.

Thank You, Pastor Bob Coats